Your Experience Matters To Us

RSI is committed to providing quality services. Our satisfaction survey is just one way that we gather feedback to help us assess and maintain the highest level of care possible.

The following summary is based on RSI’s 2012 survey results. The feedback below is reflective of our services in RSI’s 27 supported living settings, ICF/DD, board and lodge and in-home program. The feedback below includes responses from both clients and their team members.

Survey Results

Surveys were received from 114 stakeholders. Stakeholders are primarily persons receiving services, family members, guardians and case managers. Survey questions addressed numerous areas, including staff responsiveness to ideas and concerns, communication of information, appearance and maintenance of the household, and clients’ well-being.


  • Individuals receiving services have positive relationships with staff
  • Staff are well-trained and professional
  • Staff perform medication administration to the client/team members’ satisfaction
  • Staff are supportive and responsive to the person’s health care needs
  • Homes are clean and well maintained

We also received numerous positive comments. Below is a sampling of the feedback:

“Staff have always been there for me, and have never given up on me.  They know how to help me when I need it.  I am glad to have them around me.”

“The in-home program does a very good job at training their workers to work with each client as an individual.”

“He frequently tells me that he likes the people he lives with and that he made a good choice when choosing to move to an RSI home.”

“I never noticed the amount of ‘stress’ he expressed until after he moved and it was gone.  He apparently needed a more supportive environment and has gotten that from RSI.”

“RSI staff have done very well addressing my client’s physical concerns.  Her mental health has stabilized greatly since being in an RSI home.”

Quality Improvement Plan

Though the vast majority of survey responses were positive, RSI identified areas to target for quality improvement. Each program implements improvement strategies, which are reviewed to ensure progress is being made.

Opportunities for Improvement:

  • Satisfaction with housemates
  • Sense of social connection and interaction within the community
  • Sense of purpose
  • Sense of independence

To receive a more a more detailed survey report, please contact our main office at (218) 727-2696.